Is it normal to want a baby at seventeen?

Answer Its not unusual, However suggest you resist doing something about it.

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Is it wrong to want a baby at seventeen?

Its not wrong, but i do warn you that if u are thing of following it through, that many girl that i have known have had babies at your age and say its a lot of hard work and you miss out on a lot o... Read More »

Is it normal to want a baby?

Is it a normal stage for teenagers to go through if you are 18 and really want a baby?

Answer I commend you for asking this question. The fact that youÂ’re actually putting some thought into this as opposed to just saying "I want a baby, so IÂ’ll have one, rather IÂ’m ready or not" ... Read More »

Is a seventeen month old baby to old to be on a bottle?

It depends on the baby. Some develop slower than others. The Dr can answer that question.