Is it normal to want a baby?

Answer Yes

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Is it normal to want a baby at seventeen?

Its not unusual, However suggest you resist doing something about it.

Is it a normal stage for teenagers to go through if you are 18 and really want a baby?

Answer I commend you for asking this question. The fact that youÂ’re actually putting some thought into this as opposed to just saying "I want a baby, so IÂ’ll have one, rather IÂ’m ready or not" ... Read More »

Im 19 pregnant and want to keep the baby but the father does too many drugs you don't want a druggie to be the father of your baby what should you do?

Answer First pray that nothing is wrong with your child being that the dad does drugs what ever was in his systems is know going to be in the babys. You either get the father help or have him term... Read More »

Is it bad if you're 16 and want a baby but you don't want the dad around because you want your girlfriend and you to raise it?

AnswerOk it depends, If you are just going to a sperm clinic if that's what it is called adn having sperm put in you than no its not bad. But if you sleep with a guy to get pregnant and then leave ... Read More »