Is it normal to wake up with your shirt not covering your boobs?

Answer This can happen to anyone, & in fact, it has happened to me a few times. When you are tossing & turning, it can easily get pulled up more, even if you don't feel or realize it.I don't think anyone ... Read More »

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Is it normal to be pregnant and not have any change or any discomfort with your boobs?

Answer I did for a long time, I thought something must be wrong when I had no pain, but I was limiting dairy products which was part of the reason, dairy causes a lot of breast pain because the hor... Read More »

Is this normal found a pair of your underwear in your younger brothers room with cum stains on them I know boys have fantasies with panties but is this normal to masturbate to your sister's underwear?

If it was normal, then your brother would have his OWN pair of underwear, not panties, but still.

I think i once heard tyra say dont match your eye shadow with the color shirt your wearing is this correct?

Tyra is correct. You match your eye shadow to compliment your coloring, not your attire.

How to Design Your Own Shirt With Your Art?

People who profess to have no drawing talent must turn to others to articulate their visions, and because no person is capable of translating another's idea into a perfect replica, even the most ex... Read More »