Is it normal to wake up at least 3 times to pee at night?

Answer Do you drink tons before bed? I do cause its so hot i've been guzzling water and I got up about 5 times last night o.O

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Why do I wake up several times during the night craving sweets?

You do not eat enough protein ; that why you are craving sweets ; Try this ;;; before going to bed ; eat a full spoon of peanut butter or a half a cup of nuts For dinner ; eat meat ;; especially re... Read More »

How do you get my sons basals correct so we do not have to wake up three times a night?

a fun booklet for learning an having fun to help hospitals.

Why do I wake up like 3 times each night with this feeling I don't know how to explain?

Maybe because you smoke weed before u go to sleep or you Stressed out About something thinking too much ?? Take it easy and maybe u need to Consult your doctor he can Prescribe you something to hel... Read More »

What is the normal times a girl can organsm in one night?