Is it normal to wake up at least 3 times to pee at night?

Answer Do you drink tons before bed? I do cause its so hot i've been guzzling water and I got up about 5 times last night o.O

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Why do I wake up like 3 times each night with this feeling I don't know how to explain?

Maybe because you smoke weed before u go to sleep or you Stressed out About something thinking too much ?? Take it easy and maybe u need to Consult your doctor he can Prescribe you something to hel... Read More »

Why do I wake up several times during the night craving sweets?

You do not eat enough protein ; that why you are craving sweets ; Try this ;;; before going to bed ; eat a full spoon of peanut butter or a half a cup of nuts For dinner ; eat meat ;; especially re... Read More »

How do you get my sons basals correct so we do not have to wake up three times a night?

a fun booklet for learning an having fun to help hospitals.

Is it normal to wake up with lower back and abdominal pain in the middle of the night that will go away if you get up and walk around?

Answer It is very normal to have the pains you are having. I do not know how pregnant you are to say what the pains might be but I do know they are normal. It is probably just gas and you do not kn... Read More »