Is it normal to take showers?

Answer Normal to one person is abnormal to another. If you don't mind taking showers to help his feelings about germs - no biggie. It won't hurt you and you will smell good. If you are having relations mu... Read More »

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My Boyfriend is a clean fellow, and of course, showers regularly. Is it normal to have yellow toe nails?

its normal, that means theres a fungal infedction but its very minor and very common, its underneath the nail so it cant spread, and if you really dont like it there are precription pills to take w... Read More »

If March winds bring April showers,and April showers bring May flowers,then what do May flowers bring?

Uhh...Hot or Cold showers?

Hot opens the pores, and then cold shuts then. So, it's good to start off hot, cleans, then rinse with cold to shut them so the dirt stays out. :)

How many people have 2 showers a day?

yes i do it relaxes me well i have a shower in the mornings and a bath at night