Is it normal to see your sister nude?

Answer I agree. I am 5 years older than my brother and I was very comfortable being nude around the house. I know he saw me quite often but he was used to it. It depends. Some people are comfortable bein... Read More »

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How can you see your step sister nude?

Only by doing things that would be very intrusive, disrespectful and self-centred, the kind of thing that would upset the whole family.For as long as you live in your parents' house, you have to tr... Read More »

What greek male celebrity's have posed nude or even semi nude and where can i find the pictures?

Search on web for Theo Theodoridis……Giannis Spaliaras…Sakis Rouvas

Is this normal found a pair of your underwear in your younger brothers room with cum stains on them I know boys have fantasies with panties but is this normal to masturbate to your sister's underwear?

If it was normal, then your brother would have his OWN pair of underwear, not panties, but still.

Is it normal to make out with your sister?

No, it's not a normal thing that happens between siblings at all. Most would find it very wrong, but there are a few who see nothing wrong with it, and so it might be normal for them.