Is it normal to pass a small clot after your membranes have ruptured?

Answer I got pregnant with my son 12 years after I had the same surgery, so, NO.

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Is it normal to feel nauseated after having your membranes stripped?

Your granddaughter has a purple bump on her gum Is this normal tooth cutting or could it be a blood clot or something to be concerned with?

It sounds like gingival hyperplasia (aka - gum swelling) that does usually precede the eruption of a tooth. No, this is not an entity to worry about. RBB, MD

How to Pass As a Boy when Being Small Sized?

Being short and slender, even if not extremely so (Size S/36) can be quite a problem for female-to-male transsexuals, as their size might make them appear less alike to biological males. However, t... Read More »

You got your periods last 6th Sept but not normal bleeding Normal bleeding started after 2 days and this month again you got your periods on 6th Oct but small dot till date it means Pregnancy is ther?

Answer You may be pregnant. See your doctor for a blood test.