Is it normal to not leak at eight months?

Answer Answer When you say not leak do you mean your breast? If so it is very normal. Most women don't start leaking until they have given birth.

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Can you fly eight months pregnant?

It would not be advised to, and you would be seen as a risk to take aboard a plane. This is due to the air pressure in the plane that can cause women to go into early labour. For you to fly, you w... Read More »

Can I add salt and sugar to my eight months baby's food?

Food 4-7 monthsIntrod.semisolid foodThe baby will be interested in exploring different textures and tastesFeeding the child may afford the father a chance to bondEating habits begin early, so intro... Read More »

Can you be eight months pregnant and have clear slimy discharge?

yes, this is very normal. I had it with both my pregnancies. I had two very healthy babies. I believe it is the beginning of the mucous plug being dislodged.

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