Is it normal to make out with your sister?

Answer No, it's not a normal thing that happens between siblings at all. Most would find it very wrong, but there are a few who see nothing wrong with it, and so it might be normal for them.

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Is it normal to masturbate with your sister?

Is it normal to see your sister nude?

I agree. I am 5 years older than my brother and I was very comfortable being nude around the house. I know he saw me quite often but he was used to it. It depends. Some people are comfortable bein... Read More »

How do you make your bigger sister play with you?

You can try asking your sister to play with you. Also ask her nicely and not like you want to annoy her. Ask her to teach you a card game or a board game that you two can play together.

How to Get Along With Your Younger Sister if You Are the Older Sister?

You are at this page because clearly you are having the sibling trouble. So if your younger sister is about 5-12 years old, this should work. Read along....