Is it normal to hear vegetables?

Answer Frank Zappa once sang "Call any vegetable, call it by name, call any vegetable and the vegetable will respond to you."

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And when I record a video it doesn't do it normal all I hear is noises and lenses moving is that normal?

"hear is noises and lenses moving"... normal for a dSLR using auto focus, yes. It is in the manual.Resolution is to use an external mic, preferably using an external audio recorder rather that the ... Read More »

Is it normal to hear your heartbeat when excersising?

When you exercise your blood pumps faster and harder. You become more aware of changes in your body eg hotter. Heartbeat in your head is totally normal when you work your body hard.

Is it normal to hear your own heartbeat in your ears while pregnant?

Is it normal to hear a heartbeat in your stomach when you aren't pregnant?