Is it normal to have vaginal discharge?

Answer On One Hand: Vaginal Discharge is NormalIt is normal for women to have vaginal discharge, especially right before or during ovulation, or before the egg is produced. The discharge will most likely ... Read More »

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Is green vaginal discharge during pregnancy normal?

Is a vaginal discharge normal when you have a bowel movement?

White or clear vaginal discharge is completely normal for women on a daily basis, since the vagina is always cleaning itself. It is normal to have a discharge while having a bowel movement, since y... Read More »

Is heavy vaginal discharge during the last trimester of pregnancy normal?

Answer If it is the last trimester it could be the mucus plug

Is it normal to have clear sticky vaginal discharge at 1 month pregnant?

Answer Yes, perfectly. You should be worried about blood or pinkish mucus. Answer Yes,vaginal discharge increase while pregnant becasue of the increase in blood flow to the area.