Is it normal to have really sore breasts before labor begins?

Answer Yes, it is normal. You are getting ready to have your baby and where does that baby get his/her food from? You might already have colostrum (the see-thru yellow-ish liquid before your milk comes in... Read More »

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Is it a sign of pregnancy if you do not normally have sore breasts but had very sore breasts and nipples the week prior to and the week following a normal period?

Answer If the period wasn't normal yes. Because your period was normal, your not pregnant.

Is it normal to be pregnant but not have sore breasts at all?

%REPLIES% Answer from wat i have read some ladies dont get any symptoms but some are unlucky and get everything but it varies with different woman so from what i know i think it maybe as everyone i... Read More »

Is it normal if you're 5 weeks pregnant but your breasts don't feel sore?

Answer Some women are, some aren't.I was very sore with my first pregnancy and not at all in my second.

Why would your breasts still be tender and sore a week after having a normal period?

AnswerIf you drink a lot of caffeine that could be your problem. I had the same thing and my doctor told me to lay off the caffeine for 2 weeks and I felt an improvement.