Is it normal to have problems breathing and dizziness at 33 weeks pregnant?

Answer Answer Any trouble breathing in pregnancy is something you should discuss with your doctor or midwife. Dizziness is again something that a doctor should look into. It could be something as simple ... Read More »

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Is it normal to have dizziness at 18 weeks?

%DETAILS% Answer If you were on bed-rest it could be circulation, but dizziness is also common in pregnancy too.

Is it normal to have a sore back that feels hot like it is being stretched with stomach pains every so often if you are six weeks pregnant and have been having the pain for two weeks?

Can you be pregnant if you have sex on got a normal period on it's normal time after two weeks from sex?

Answer Yes you can still be pregnant. It would be wise to seek personal medical advice .

Is a lot of dizziness normal at 36 weeks gestation?

Answer A "lot" of dizziness is never normal. Seek medical attention