Is it normal to have no feelings?

Answer Yes, and no. If you have gone through a hard time, and you realize, with little or no emotions and feeling, you might be better off, you tend to stop having them. As I did, I went though a hard tim... Read More »

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5 weeks pregnant and have butterfly feelings is this normal?

Im about 8 mo. pregnant and have pinching feelings in the upper rib cage is this normal or should i consult a doctor?

Answer This sounds normal to me, just the ligaments attaching your ribs stretching to allow room for the baby.

Do computers have feelings, too?

No, computers don't have feelings. But it is still important to be patient with your computer.Even though you ran a virus check, I still think it's a virus. I recently got a virus and it bypassed a... Read More »

Do vegetables have feelings?

Certainly! And we all need to foster better attitudes toward our vegetal brethen and their feelings. Since we must eat, and since more and more people are becoming vegetarian, humane methods of ... Read More »