Is it normal to have no appetite during your 13th week?

Answer Yes. Some women have no appetite for the entirety of their pregnancy. It all depends on the individual.

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Is it normal to be 21 weeks pregnant and have no appetite?

Answer Absolutely. Your hormones are changing. I'm not sure how long i'd let it go on before having it looked at though. 5 months pregnant you should be more hungry then not. Just keep an eye out ... Read More »

I am about 2-3 weeks pregnant but don't have a huge appetite is this normal?

Yes, this is very normal. The expression "eating for two" is a myth, and you should eat a normal, well balanced diet with only about 300 additional calories per day than you would consume if you we... Read More »

Is is normal to have appetite loss during 37 weeks of pregnancy?

Answer I was pregnant with my 3rd child and had complete appetite loss for the last 3 months of pregnancy. I was never hungry and got full so quick. She was born perfectly fine and healthy althou... Read More »

You started your period on June 6th and it lasted until June 13th you had bleeding again the 19th - 21st it was a normal type period but not as long as the normal for you you have very tender breasts?

well i am a surgeon and was a doctor for twenty seven years. From my studies it maybe be that the vagina hasen't been cleaned as often as need be,if the discharge is thick then you may have a bad y... Read More »