Is it normal to have nightmares regularly?

Answer If you have the same nightmare repeatedly, that is called a recurring nightmare. I have always looked at dreaming as the mind's way of going a little nuts and not doing any real harm to ourselves ... Read More »

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My Boyfriend is a clean fellow, and of course, showers regularly. Is it normal to have yellow toe nails?

its normal, that means theres a fungal infedction but its very minor and very common, its underneath the nail so it cant spread, and if you really dont like it there are precription pills to take w... Read More »

Is it normal for a 16 year old male to experience floaters regularly?

'Floaters' are remnants left over after our formation in the womb,we all have them all the time,some have more some less.

You are having lower abdomen pain regularly and now into 12 th week of pregnancy and yesterday had severe uterine contractions Is it normal?

Answer Anytime you are concerned please contact you midwife. All the best to you!!!

Does a baby have nightmares?

Yes babys do have nightmares so do adults its a natural thing for human biengs