Is it normal to have little cramps at 5 weeks pregnancy?

Answer Minor cramping is normal they attribute that to the egg just settling in and cervical changes as long as there is no blood with the cramps. If there are major cramps or blood than you should go to ... Read More »

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Are minor cramps normal during the first few weeks of pregnancy?

%REPLIES% Answer Yes, for some women it can be. Answer I talked to a GYN nurse this morning and asked that same question. She said, yes, it is possible and not uncommon. Answer I spoke to my doc... Read More »

Are cramps normal durning your first few weeks of pregnancy?

Answer Hi,Yes abdominal cramping is normal during early pregnancy unless the cramping becomes severe. In cases of severe cramping, then you must contact your doctor.

Is it normal to have mild cramps at 12 weeks of pregnancy?

Answeryes it's normal to have mild cramps during 12 weeks of pregnancy its called braxton hicks contraction.

I am on the pill but only the 2nd pack and have had sex without condoms a few times in past 2 weeks but is it normal to experience cramps and bleeding 1 or 2 weeks before my period should start?

Pill cramping bleedingMost people don't realize that the pill doesn't always prevent pregnancy. When taken as prescribed (every day) the birth control pill prevents conception by: 1. usually preven... Read More »