Is it normal to have large testicles?

Answer On One Hand: Everyone is DifferentLike almost every part of the body, there is healthy variation in the physical size of both the scrotum and of the testicles. A man who has no other symptoms, like... Read More »

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Are large testicles bad?

On One Hand: Testicular Enlargement Can Be a Dangerous SignAccording to the American Cancer Society, enlargement of the testicles due to swelling is one of the warning signs of testicular cancer. A... Read More »

Is it normal to have large pupils?

No there's nothing "unattractive" about something like that. Actually I would think it would make you look kind of spacey and cool and stuff, but I'm sure it's up to the individual. You might want... Read More »

Are large labia's normal?

You have nothing to worry about. We (guys) find such situations not a problem at all, even attractive.Having said that, I feel kinda creepy! But rest assured, you will be fine.

Is a large vagina flap normal?

There is nothing wrong with yours being a little more protruding. Some women are smaller, some are larger. Like some of us have smaller breasts, some have larger breasts, but we're still considered... Read More »