Is it normal to have headaches every day?

Answer Not really no, it depends on the severeness of your head aches. It is pretty normal and okay for you to get minor head aches but anything that you know and can feel is slightly (or highly) above ad... Read More »

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Why do I have headaches every other day?

It’s probably stress related.Plagued with headaches from childhood to middle age I have had many different types: Migraines, Cluster, Allergic, Visual and mild. The following has helped me and ot... Read More »

When you are pregnant is it normal to have severe headaches?

Answer A lot of women have migraines while pregnant. I even did. I was told that it was from the hormone changes. Let your doctor know that you are having migraines and see what they can suggest... Read More »

I am 11 day's late and 2 day's ago I started spotting I have woke up every day feeling nauses and having headaches and have been eating like crazy I don't know if I am just late or pregnant?

Could beOk, first of all, it could just be nerves or stress because most people don't eat a lot when they first get pregnant. If you you haven't started by the 14th, then , I would recommend going ... Read More »

Is it normal to have a little chest pain every once in a while?

It is very normal. Mild chest pain can be caused by gas, indigestion, anxiety or any number of non-serious conditions.