Is it normal to have anal and or oral sex with a girl at 13?

Answer It illegal to have sex wit a girl at 13, oral anal or straight.

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How to Get a Girl to Have Oral Sex With You?

Some guys find oral sex to be a very fun and enjoyable way to make love but not every girl is open to it and sometimes can be an uncomfortable proposition. This article will help you to approach th... Read More »

Can a girl have oral sex performed on her while being pregnant?

Answer Oral sex is fine, however I have read that your partner should avoid blowing air into your vagina, I'm not sure how true that holds however. Read More »

What if a girl performs oral sex on a guy and swallows the pre-cum and then they have sex for a short time while she is ovulating but he didn't cum?

The young lady can still get pregnant. You have semen in the shaft of the penis it doesn't matter the amount or time frame you can get pregnant.

Why is there such a difference between oral and rectal temperature in my son...orally he is almost always normal or low grade then rectal it is 101-102 degrees?

Rectal is more accurate because it takes the core body temperature.