Is it normal to have an ultra at 7 weeks and no heart beat?

Answer Yes, the heartbeat is there but very faint, somewhere around 8-9 weeks you will see the heart beating and possibly hear it if the tech knows what they are doing

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If you have fetal pole and heart beat but you are 12 weeks pregnant?

A fetal pole and heartbeat are signs of a healthy pregnancy at 5 ½ to 6 ½ weeks.If there is a heartbeat, you have every reason to think you are having a healthy pregnancy. I would suggest maybe t... Read More »

I have the occasional skipped heart beat is this usually normal?

This questions has several parts that need to be addressed so that you will know what you are up against. So lets get started shall we...A-- The very fact that you specified your age, WEIGHT, blood... Read More »

Is 52 a low heart beat ... was is considered a normal heart beat im 22 yrs old?

Well if you are a athlete it is normal, otherwise at this heart rate you will be facing symptoms like vertigo, faintness. Even if not see your doctor.

You are 7 weeks pregant and you have had an US twice each time the US was done the gestational sac was foud but the could not locate the crown-rump and detected no heart beat your HCG are in the thous?

Answer Patience! It really depends on the position of the sac and the ability of the US. At seven weeks the sac is the size of a grain of rice - it is tiny!You need to test your HCG levels over ... Read More »