Is it normal to have a tender lower stomach in early pregnancy?

Answer AnswerTender where specifically?? in the stomach area or lower in the abdomen by your pubic bone?? either way a tender stomach is normal and so is feeling tender around your uterine area :) any sev... Read More »

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Is it normal for your breasts to be more sensitive and tender at certain times and not others during early pregnancy?

Answer This actually happened to me with both my children. Although my breasts were generally sore throughout my pregnancy, the degree of pain varied. They were bad in beginning, better in the mi... Read More »

Is a warm sensation in lower back and dull lower backache a normal symptom in early pregnancy?

Are stomach pains during early pregnancy normal?

Answer Stomach pains are normal in early pregnancy as long as you're not bleeding or cramping uncontrollably. It's called Round Ligament pain, and it's due to your uterus stretching to accommodate ... Read More »

Are lower back pains normal in early pregnancy?