Is it normal to have a temperature of 38.8 degrees c?

Answer No, that is classed as a fever go to the doctors asap!

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Why is there such a difference between oral and rectal temperature in my son...orally he is almost always normal or low grade then rectal it is 101-102 degrees?

Rectal is more accurate because it takes the core body temperature.

If an ovens temperature increases by 50 degrees Fahrenheit how many min will it take to preheat the oven 0 degrees Fahrenheit to 30 degrees Fahrenheit?

1923 and was invented by Micheal FaradayThe first refrigeration machine using vapour was invented by Oliver Evans in 1805.It was invented in 1947.

Your new water heater's thermostat is calibrated in degrees Celsius. What setting should you use if you want a hot water temperature of 140 degrees F?

What if a baby's temperature is 95 degrees?

They would be very unhealthy.... most likely it was taken wrong.