Is it normal to have a persistent foul taste in mouth after tonsillectomy?

Answer thats completely normal. its the scabs. as soon as they go away the nasty taste will too. although that usually happens on day 8-9 post op so apparently you are healing slow.

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Are swollen glands and a foul mouth taste common after wisdom tooth removal?

Is bad taste in mouth after surgery normal?

Could having nausea and every time you eat something you burp it up and have a foul taste afterwards be a sign of pregnancy a week before your period is due?

Answer Hello - Yes this could be a sign of pregnancy or a sign of a upset tummy. Its difficult to say. Do a test next week if your period doesnt arrive.

How long after a tonsillectomy is it okay to drink alcohol and just get back to normal life?

starting day 10 post op you can eat mostly normal foods and do mostly normal need to wait until day 21 post op to...-eat rough foods like pop corn, chips, and pretzels-drink alcohol-... Read More »