Is it normal to have a lot of gas when you are a week and a half pregnant?

Answer Answer Yes it is. Besides your hormones changing you are going to realize as each month passes that there will be certain foods like you've been able to handle before that will give you indigesti... Read More »

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Could having more energy than normal and being hungrier than normal one week after possible ovulation mean you are pregnant?

Answer This is very possible. In the early stages of pregnancy, your body's metabolism increases, thus providing more energy. Progesterone can soon kick in and act as a natural sedative, draining ... Read More »

When you are pregnant does your stomach cramp at the bottom if you are only a week and a half along?

Answer You do get crampy when you are pregnant. Have you missed your period yet? It will feel like period cramps (normally) Also, in early pregnancy many women get constipated, so it could be from... Read More »

At 11 and a half weeks pregnant is it normal if your breasts do not hurt anymore?

Answer Yes, some women never have breast tenderness and some have it the entire pregnancy. All women are different. Your breasts may become sore again later on. They be get sore off and on the e... Read More »

You were due on week ago and think im pregnant but now have got period cramps is this normal?

Answer Have you taken an at home test yet, some women experience cramping in early pregnancy this is very normal so just take a test or go to your doctor just so that you know whats going on!!! Ho... Read More »