Is it normal to have a clear odorless discharge at four months pregnant?

Answer Answer yeah

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I am 6 months pregnant and have had a lot of clear thin discharge with a bad odor so much that I have to change my panties 2-3 times a day is this normal?

Answer It is normal to have lots of clear & 'creamy' discharge, to the point where you have to change your underwear, but it shouldn't have a bad odour. You may have an infection brewing, get it c... Read More »

Can clear odorless liquid discharge mean you are pregnant?

Can you be eight months pregnant and have clear slimy discharge?

yes, this is very normal. I had it with both my pregnancies. I had two very healthy babies. I believe it is the beginning of the mucous plug being dislodged.

Is it normal to have clear sticky vaginal discharge at 1 month pregnant?

Answer Yes, perfectly. You should be worried about blood or pinkish mucus. Answer Yes,vaginal discharge increase while pregnant becasue of the increase in blood flow to the area.