Is it normal to have 6 nipples?

Answer Not if you have 6 boobies.

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Is it normal for a teen girl to have weird bits on their nipples?

Like little tiny bumps almost? Yeah that should be fine.Haha you made me take out my nips and inspect them lol

Is it normal for your nipples and areolas not to have darkened or gotten bigger at all by 10 weeks?

Answer It's fine. Mine didn't darken the entire pregnancy and everything was fine. Healthy baby, healthy pregnancy and I was able to nurse perfectly.

Is it normal to bite your own nipples?

its always great to bite your own nipples. i talked to my doctor and he said it takes away stress and reduces risk of breast cancer

Cracked/stinging nipples Is this normal?

No, it's not normal, could be some sort of infection and you could try lotion