Is it normal to have 5 abortions?

Answer no, man...start taking some personal responsibility!!!

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Do you get offended when people who can't have kids have abortions?

Well if a woman could not have children, then there not a possible way to have an abortion. However if she were to get pregnant and decided she did not want the child after all, then yes I still fe... Read More »

How many abortions have you had?

Really, do you really believe that? He won't marry you, if he truly loved you and were going to marry you, he wouldn't require you to kill his child. I've had none, but I could not imagine getting ... Read More »

If You had 3 abortions can you still have a baby?

Answeryou might be able to. It depends on how "tore up" things are in there. That's a lot of damage to a uterus. A doctors exam could better answer that. But i know that it is definatly POSSIBLE

Can young mothers have abortions?

Answeryes you can be any age to have a abortion and trust me it ain't the best idea of worst the best idea is to wear a comdom of even better go on some form of contersetion