Is it normal to go number two and then have a drop or two of blood...?

Answer A drop or two of blood is not as serious as many people would have you believe on this forum. I would wait a week to see if the issue resolves itself before seeking medical attention. It could be... Read More »

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Ive had two c sections then a normal birthdo you have to have a c section if you have another child?

Well, you could request a c-section if you really want it, but otherwise, it will only be performed if labor complications are present

Is it normal to have 223 blood sugar after you eat and have 104 in the morning and still not have diaetes?

As a diabetic myself, the best advice I can give you is go see your doctor, talk to him. I'm not saying you have it, I'm just saying don't listen to others, listen to the people (doctors) that stud... Read More »

I lost my sim card then i have locked that mobile number, can anyone get the same phone number as i had?

ya its is possible the mobile number can recycle and came for fresh people after a certain period

Is it normal to have one breast bigger then the other?

According to The U.K.s Channel 4 and Dr. Dawn Harper, 99 percent of women have asymmetrical breasts. The difference in size can range between a very slight difference to more than one cup size in d... Read More »