Is it normal to get up every 2 hrs to pee during the night,?

Answer No, I doubt that your problem is caused by too much soda.

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Is it normal for an 82 year old to lay down and not do anything all day and all night?

Her dementia could be causing all this.However, since she lost her license she could also be depressed.

Is it normal to always sleep around 12h every night?

It is not normal unless you are sick, a baby, physically injured, in a coma or you have not slept in a few days.

Is it normal to wake up at least 3 times to pee at night?

Do you drink tons before bed? I do cause its so hot i've been guzzling water and I got up about 5 times last night o.O

What is the normal times a girl can organsm in one night?