Is it normal to get the flu shot&feel bad the next day?

Answer On One Hand: You Cannot Get the Flu from the ShotYou cannot contract the flu from either the inactivated flu virus in a seasonal flu shot or the weakened virus in the nasal-spray form of the vaccin... Read More »

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A red dot next to earlobe Percing Is this normal?

it's probably a mark from your earring from the way you slept. it's normal. make sure you keep the earrings in for a while, or the holes will close.

Is there a possibility of pregnancy without actual intercourse after a normal period and the next one is delayed by 4 days?

Answer no you have to have intercourse to get pregnant Answer nooooooooo

Is it normal to have two days of light spotting and the next two days light menstrual flow?

AnswerThe answer is what is normal for you?Most women have a period that is between 5-7 days. Their first day will be medium flow, followed by two heavy days and three light days. But it is individ... Read More »

When does the next seaon of Americas Next Top Model begin?