Is it normal to get realy picky with food?

Answer being picky is normal, being you only get to eat a small selection of food sure you get picky. people wanna eat stuff they like. and another one of its down sides is that its an annoying trait, so ... Read More »

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Is it normal for a 3-and-a-half year old child with Down syndrome to refuse all solid food and only eat pureed baby food?

I realy like chinese takeaway food i know its not great for you, but its a treat now and again, ?

Do your own Chinese meals. I do but avoid the 'Quick cook' items for which you pay a premium. Packs of noodles are on supermarket shelves and only require 4 minutes boiling.If you do not want to co... Read More »

Why is Facebook so picky with names?

they are picky because they expect you to use your real name at all times - to prevent trolling and fake accounts and spamming

If you did "baby-led weaning," did you end up with anything approaching a picky eater?

I believe it's fairly normal. There are always going to be some children who are notoriously picky, whether it's because of sensory issues, not being exposed to a varied diet, power struggles over... Read More »