Is it normal to get drunk Every Friday and Saturday?

Answer Its called binge drinking, and it does more damage to your body than if you drank the same amount over the space of the week. Just because it's a common problem doesn't make it OK. Two nights a wee... Read More »

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Mmiv drunk a bottle of wine and im not so drunk. i dont drink so often. is this normal?

I think you're drunker than you realize. Check your typing.

What's your night to party, Friday or Saturday?

Every night theres a party in my mind...:)

If I only drink on a Friday and Saturday and have 5 bacardi and cokes on each night am I an alcholic.?

If the consequences of your drinking are negatively affecting your life you may have a problem with alcohol. Diagnosing alcoholism is very different from patient to patient. If you are drinking to ... Read More »

If you change jobs on a Friday in the middle of the month and start your new job on Monday will you have to do something to cover Saturday and Sunday?

Answer Your old job should cover you to the end of the month. You'll have to check on when your new coverage starts. There is usually always COBRA to fill in the gap.