Is it normal to gain weight and have tender breasts after losing your virginity?

Answer Yes it is normal to loose / gain weight with or without having sex. It all depends on your diet. In your case, you may want to have a pregnancy check, since your body may be preparing to have a b... Read More »

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Is it normal to be a week late and still counting after losing your virginity?

%DETAILS% Answer Yes, you may be pregnant. you can have a small amount of blood during the implantation period when you get pregnant. And no it is not normal to be late just cause you lost your vir... Read More »

Is it normal to not have tender breasts during pregnancy?

AnswerI'm seventeen weeks into my fourth pregnancy and this is the first time that I've experienced tender breasts. After three, I thought I was a pro and knew exactly what to expect. But I'm still... Read More »

Why would your breasts still be tender and sore a week after having a normal period?

AnswerIf you drink a lot of caffeine that could be your problem. I had the same thing and my doctor told me to lay off the caffeine for 2 weeks and I felt an improvement.

Your breasts are no longer tender and you're very nervous you're only a few weeks pregnant Is this normal?

Answer I think it is very normal to be nervous at all stages of being pregnant. I am 14 weeks and still nervous.. Soon your morning sickness and fatigue should hit about six to seven weeks along a... Read More »