Is it normal to feel like this after drinking?

Answer Same as with all the other questions asking the same, it all depends. It is normal for some people and abnormal for others. I actual think you have a health issue that must be addressed by a doctor... Read More »

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After a cigarette, is it normal to feel like this?

Sounds like a totally normal nicotine rush. You are more prone to these if you only smoke occasionally or if you inhale fast and deeply. Is the nicotine content higher on the menthol cigarettes yo... Read More »

Is this normal after drinking alcohol?

You're drinking too fast. If you had some more then you would've just passed out. Hard liquor especially needs to be drank real slow. Sip a glass over the course of an hour.If you drink too much... Read More »

Is it normal to experience this after drinking?

yea its normal me and my brothers always munch out hard when i mean hard we go hard your just recovering from last night.

I seem to feel ill after drinking strong cordial/dilutant, but i dont like it any other way?

Cordials and squashes are intended to be drunk diluted, you seem to like sugar in your diet which suggests you're not eating well? Sugar-laden drinks have been shown to lead to diabetes in later li... Read More »