Is it normal to feel full if I eat one yogurt and bannana?

Answer bananas are EXTREMELY fillingi feel very bloated when i eat onenothing to worry aboutyogurt is filling too, i couldnt eat a banana and a yog at one sittingeat a mint, it eases digestionif you dont ... Read More »

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If you are 30 weeks pregnant and you know it is normal to feel tired but is it normal to feel so tired you feel achy and in the morning you feel fine again?

Answer Yes its normal. Its most likely the position the baby is laying in which is causing you to feel achy and his/her constant movement in your tummy is probably making you feel tired. However it... Read More »

I ate some yogurt and its lare its 1:56am i feel so guilty?

A bit of yoghurt doesn't affect your diet I'm sure, but if you feel guilty, try to eat less tomorrow. :)

If a bannana is a fruit ,there where are the seeds?

A fruit is the ripened ovary of a plant, and it holds the plant's seeds. Fruits grow from a plant's flowers, and bananas do all of these things! Banana plants have flowering stems, and when the flo... Read More »

How to Feel Full?

Do you tend to be hungry when you just ate? Well, here are some tips to make you feel fuller!