Is it normal to faint after giving blood?

Answer Some donors may feel lightheaded or dizzy after giving blood, and occasionally a donor faints. Fainting is not a normal reaction to blood donation. People who weigh less than 121 pounds, who give b... Read More »

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Why Do People Faint After Giving Blood?

Donating blood is a life-saving decision. If a person gave three pints of blood a year, up to 12 people could be affected and potentially saved by one person's donations. Anybody who is between age... Read More »

Why is Hct below normal after giving birth?

Hematocrit is measures your bloods ability to carry oxygen. The less blood you have the less oxygen it can carry. You bleed about 350ml when you have a vaginal delivery. That is about the amount in... Read More »

Why do you get apple juice after giving blood?

To ensure a safe and successful blood donation, there are a few strategies you can employ during and after the process. Among these, drinking apple juice is an important and beneficial technique.Pu... Read More »

Is it better to eat sweet or salty after giving blood?

hi ? sweet as the red cross has given me cookies when i give blood hope this helps you