Is it normal to eat 2 meals within 1 hour?

Answer I go up and down in weight quite alot. I used to be able to eat loads and not put any weight on but recently I have been putting weight on. I never used to eat breakfast because I didn't like eatin... Read More »

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I would like to 5 meals a hour is this normal?

Eating 2 meals&3 snacks a day&workout for an hour gonna help lose 5-10 pounds a month?

Seems to me like you're on the right track :) however, I would definitely try and eating breakfast (whether it be a bowl of cereal or a quick granola bar and fruit). Remember, if you're wanting to ... Read More »

I'm 13, my mum wants me to cook my own meals. Is this normal?

Yes of course it is, as long as you are safe and know what you are doing in the kitchen then that should be fine. it could be something to do with the independence and she wants you to show her you... Read More »

If my metabolism has slowed because I've been skipping meals, will eating a normal amount again restore it?

Your motabolism will and can restore itself!! Start eating regular meals and snacking is alsi the best way. Drink lots of water as well ! It can start back up within a week!