Is it normal to crave for butter ......?

Answer It sounds like a brief and mild case of picaPica is a medical disorder characterized by an appetite for substances largely non-nutritive (e.g., clay, coal, soil, , chalk, paper, soap, , ash, gum et... Read More »

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Is it normal for a pregnant woman to constantly crave ice cubes?

%REPLIES% Answer I have heard that craving ice can be a sypmtom of anemia. She should talk to her doctor. It could just be one of the cravings that she will have. When I was pregnant, I craved t... Read More »

Biscuit with butter Toast with Butter Or English Muffin with butter Which from this list do you like more?

biscuit with butter and maybe honey!! YUMMMM!!!

Broccoli with Butter Corn On The Cob with Butter Or Baked Potato with Butter Which from this list do ->?

A roasted corn on the cob like the one you get at a fair with butter. Mmmm mmm good

Broccoli with Butter Baked Potato with Butter Or Corn On The Cob with Butter Which do you like better?

baked potato with a pat of butter. this is a good source of carbohydrate and you can even start your day with this tomorrow morning. this is a very good tummy filler and lowers cholesterol and high... Read More »