Is it normal to cramp a week before a period?

Answer not really. but you need to get enough protein and that will stop that from happening.agreeing with the person above me, but also it depends on how extreme i would say they are. if they are severe,... Read More »

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If you had a normal period had unprotected sex then had a very very light period had sex again and after sex your stomach started to cramp can you be pregnant?

AnswerYes pregnancy is always a possibility when you have participated in any unprotected sexual act not to mention the risk of getting a disease I suggest that you go get an at home test asap or m... Read More »

You were due on week ago and think im pregnant but now have got period cramps is this normal?

Answer Have you taken an at home test yet, some women experience cramping in early pregnancy this is very normal so just take a test or go to your doctor just so that you know whats going on!!! Ho... Read More »

Are tugging sensations in your tummy 1 week before your period normal?

Answer This is so common it could be a symptom of almost anything.You will have to wait another few days and take a pregnancy test before you know if you are pregnant or not.

Why would your breasts still be tender and sore a week after having a normal period?

AnswerIf you drink a lot of caffeine that could be your problem. I had the same thing and my doctor told me to lay off the caffeine for 2 weeks and I felt an improvement.