Is it normal to be drinking at the age of 17 socially?

Answer No thats insane

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Is this a normal drinking habit?

Well, I normally start off with a few shots of toilet duck, half a liter of thunderbird and then a number of drain cleaning cocktails!. Then I get out of bed and go to my work as a pilot!

Is it normal to experience this after drinking?

yea its normal me and my brothers always munch out hard when i mean hard we go hard your just recovering from last night.

Is this normal after drinking alcohol?

You're drinking too fast. If you had some more then you would've just passed out. Hard liquor especially needs to be drank real slow. Sip a glass over the course of an hour.If you drink too much... Read More »

How do i get back to normal with drinking alcohol?

Perhaps he should give thanks and not worry about alcohol any more;it might well have been a the best thing that ever happened to him!(Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear.)⟣