Is it normal to be drinking at the age of 17 socially?

Answer No thats insane

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Is this a normal drinking habit?

Well, I normally start off with a few shots of toilet duck, half a liter of thunderbird and then a number of drain cleaning cocktails!. Then I get out of bed and go to my work as a pilot!

Is this normal after drinking alcohol?

You're drinking too fast. If you had some more then you would've just passed out. Hard liquor especially needs to be drank real slow. Sip a glass over the course of an hour.If you drink too much... Read More »

Is it normal to feel like this after drinking?

Same as with all the other questions asking the same, it all depends. It is normal for some people and abnormal for others. I actual think you have a health issue that must be addressed by a doctor... Read More »

Is it normal to experience this after drinking?

yea its normal me and my brothers always munch out hard when i mean hard we go hard your just recovering from last night.