Is it normal to be down and blue at Christmas?

Answer Yes, a lot of people get depressed this time of year. Here are a couple sites that have information about "holiday blues" and some do's and don'ts to help those who have the blues get through them.... Read More »

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Will the quality of a normal DVD on a blue ray be as good as a blue ray disc?

Can you play 3d blue raydisc on a normal blue ray?

Who sang blue Christmas?

It has been covered many times, here is a list of some covers:Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson of the band HeartArt Paul Schlosser recorded a parody of "Blue Christmas" called "Plaid Christmas"Billy Eck... Read More »

What is the difference between a Blue-ray DVD& a normal DVD?

In the world of home video and audio entertainment, the VHS tape is the granddaddy of them all. After that came the laser disc, followed by the DVD, the HD DVD and finally the Blu-ray disc.Data Pro... Read More »