Is it normal to always sleep around 12h every night?

Answer It is not normal unless you are sick, a baby, physically injured, in a coma or you have not slept in a few days.

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How to get to sleep every night when I go to sleep at irregular times?

In every episode of Seinfeld there is always something around what is it?

There were actually two things in every episode, they varied per episode, but one or the other were always there. There was a Superman magnet on the refrigerator and there was a Superman statue on ... Read More »

Do you sleep with a fan on every night?

I do, but for me it is more about the white noise; sleeping in complete silence is difficult for me.

5 hours of sleep every night. Is it bad?

Throughout your teenage years, you need 9 hours every night. Any less can affect your mental development. At 19, you'll be mostly done with all that though. 5 hours is still not enough though. Peop... Read More »