Is it normal to almost always see the red shaking icon on Canon SX 200 IS?

Answer is it under warenty ?? was it water damage or droped ??? let us know a little moreset the camera to the infinity setting the sideways 8

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Why is there such a difference between oral and rectal temperature in my son...orally he is almost always normal or low grade then rectal it is 101-102 degrees?

Rectal is more accurate because it takes the core body temperature.

I'm using a Canon T3i and Canon 430ex ii wireless but flash does not always go off?

Actually it is infrared (IR).But both systems must be in the line-of-sight of each other, and oriented so that the IR reciever of the flash is in the direction of the camera. And their distance is... Read More »

How to Almost Always Remember Your Keys?

Ever go to school or work and have a good day then come home and realize you forgot your keys? Read on to find out how to almost never forget your keys and meetings, along with other tips.

Is Wikipedia a reliable source, and almost always 100% True?

Wikipedia is almost always a reliable source. They have real people check the information. If the info is not sourced down towards the bottom of the page there is a citations section. There will... Read More »