Is it normal that i poo out my vagina?

Answer This sounds really serious. Try calling a planned parenthood or a clinic in your area and ask a doctor about it annonymously. If it is poo you are at risk of getting some really bad urinary tract i... Read More »

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Is it normal that my vagina has an echo?

Is it normal to have pain in your vagina?

Sounds like a UTI or bladder infection - tell your parents and go see a doctor.

Does your vagina go back to normal after you have a baby?

Yes, the vagina shrinks back to normal size after birth.

Zits on vagina lips Normal?

it depends. if it looks justl ike a normal breakout of like one pimple. that is CLEARLY a zit. then that is okay. should take precautions against it. this means she's not being very clean... Read More »