Is it normal that cassava gari tastes weird?

Answer Weird is not normal.

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How to Make Garri (Cassava Flour) from Raw Cassava?

Garri (sample)Cassava is a tuber crop native to South America; However, Nigeria is the world's leading producer. It contains very high level of starch, and is processed in many ways to get an edibl... Read More »

Weird tastes in food.?

It is normal layoff for a month or so and you might like it again and you just had too much and your body is altering the flavor to make you not like or overdose

Is there a similar chocolate that tastes like the cadbury mini eggs that are found only for easter?

Yes there is. You ever heard of Eggies? It's produced by Hershey and is also sold at Easter. The Cadbury mini-eggs and Hershey's Eggies look AND taste alike, but there are *very* miniscule differen... Read More »

Is my fetish weird/normal?

It's nothing strange.It plays along the submissive/dominant theme, however, how much older are we talking about? Childhood trauma could have to do with women wanting to date older men (like their ... Read More »