Is it normal i like to bite my girlfriend?

Answer i like to bite mine as well everyone has there own likes and dislikes as everyone is differenthope this helps :)

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Can my Girlfriend get butt cancer if I bite her on the ***?

No. If you give her human papilloma virus by sexual contact, she could develop anal carcinoma or cervical carcinoma. Hopefully, she has had the HPV vaccine. Bite away - IF she likes that ?http:/... Read More »

Is it normal to bite your own nipples?

its always great to bite your own nipples. i talked to my doctor and he said it takes away stress and reduces risk of breast cancer

Possible bug bite infection or is it normal?

This is a sign of infection, not venom.This is likely a skin abscess or infection,not related to any bite.You can try a hot towel treatment, this often helps these heal, but in severe cases, this m... Read More »

Is it normal for my fiance to want to bite my nail?

No, it is not "normal" and could be unhealthy as there are lots of bacteria under those nails. If they are bitten too short, they can become infected.