Is it normal for your stomach not to be completely hard at 22 weeks pregnant?

Answer Answer yes, if it is your first child you may not show till well into your 6th month, it also depends how much fat you have on your tummy (not meaning to be offensive). You could also have a small... Read More »

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Is it normal for your stomach to be tender to the touch at 17 weeks' pregnant?

Answer yes, sometimes women experience things like that. Cause i had that problem when i was pregnant. But i was about 22 weeks pregnant. But if it get to bad and it doesnt stop see a doctor. But t... Read More »

Is it normal to be unable to lie on your stomach without experiencing bad cramps starting at just four weeks pregnant?

Answer it was for me- i had a hard time wearing my wedding dress because i hurt so bad. the doctor told me it was normal....

You are 22 weeks pregnant and you have a pain on the lower left side of your stomach Is this normal Is the baby leaning on an organ Please answer?

Answer At 22 weeks this pain could be almost anything. It may be unrelated to pregnancy. You really need to consult your doctor.

23 weeks pregnant and im feeling pain right under my left breast but not on my breast at the beginning of your stomach area is this normal?

AnswerMaybe it is heartburn. It could also be a regular stomach ache if it isn't constant or just happened once.