Is it normal for your cervix to be soft at 22 weeks and what are the causes?

Answer Answer Well, the father of the child can get a job for one. The parents of the child should go to the Children and Family Services department in the county they live and they can get WIC support w... Read More »

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Is it normal for your cervix to be low and soft at 12 to 13 weeks pregnant?

Answer no your cervix should be higher in the vagina ad closed and hard it will not thin out or soften or open until labor and birth are ready to occur

Will you go into labor soon if you're 34 weeks 1cm and cervix is soft?

If my cervix is soft at 35 weeks does that mean the baby will be here soon?

babies I think that you should see a doctor first and get everything checked out.

You are 19 weeks pregnant and your doctor told you today that your cervix is soft and short what does that mean?