Is it normal for your bellybutton to smell of pooh?

Answer If your bellybutton goes in pretty far, dead skin cells, lint, sweat and stuff like that collect and can make it smelly or have gunk in there, the best thing to do is wash it out with soap and wate... Read More »

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Why does alcohol make your breath smell like pooh.?

alcohol dehydrates you and when your dehygrated the body doesnt hydrate your breath to preserve water for vital organs ect... wee buns lol

Is it normal to smell a burning smell when the gas heater first comes on?

Heating elements collect dust when the furnace is not in use, and it burns away quickly when the heater is first turned on. If the smell lingers longer than a few minutes or if you see a spark, smo... Read More »

Is it normal for your poop to smell like pepsi and gummy bears?

Oh dam that's the wierdest thing I have ever heard of I don't think its normal

Does your bellybutton go in, or out?